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The NSAC Team

The NSAC Team consists of nine sub-teams, each having their own area of focus and unique tasks. For an NSAC Team member this means that there is no typical NSAC task - they are all quite different. As a new NSAC Team member, your position the first year will be as an Organiser in one of the nine sub-teams. We open for applications to the NSAC Team once a year in December.


The Presidents & Directors

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The Board of Directors

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tilde_holm (1).png

Tilde Holm



Tilde is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in History, Politics & Economics at UCL. Apart from her endeavours within NSAC, she is engaged in organisations related to women’s rights and gender equality. She has worked with different non-profit organisations in New York, Copenhagen and Indonesia, and was recently featured in The Power of YOUth as a young leader. Tilde believes that a good education can take you far, and that education abroad takes you even further.

“NSAC has really been an eye-opener, and is continuously exposing me for several international opportunities. I really believe in the work that we are doing, and want to give to others what NSAC has given me.”

frederik_thomsen (1).png

Kristian Nørgaard Modvig

Vice President


Kristian is 22 years old and is currently on the final semester of his B.Sc. in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. He has just returned from the United States, where he spent an exchange semester at UC Berkeley, focusing on courses within development economics. Before beginning his studies, he spent his gap year traveling in South America and the United States.

“Attending the NSAC Conference in 2016 gave me the courage to pursue places and ideas I thought were completely out of reach. NSAC shows you what you can achieve, and it helps you take the leap to realize your dreams. Most importantly, it brings you together with amazing people who will inspire and motivate you beyond your imagination.“


Natasha Peters

Vice President


Natasha is currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree at Queen Mary, University of London in Politics with Business Management, after having lived and studied abroad in Morocco, Denmark, Belgium, Singapore and Hong Kong. Besides her studies, she has worked in the finance and research sector, which she plans on continuing in the near future.

Natasha is eager to share the joys and opportunities that studying abroad brings, and wants to give everyone the chance to access and experience these.

“To me, NSAC is something truly unique - it does not only fuel your curiosity to study abroad, it gives you the tools to remove any barriers you once saw when thinking about your future abroad.”



University Relations

The University Team is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with top-tier universities for the annual NSAC Conference. Working directly with university representatives from some of the best universities around the world, the team makes sure that participants at the NSAC Conference leave with an unforgettable experience.


Mads Nørløv

Director, University Relations


Mads is currently studying the International Baccalaureate at Copenhagen International School, majoring in Maths, Physics and Economics, as a scholarship recipient. He has also worked part time at medical device company, Neurescue, since the summer of 2016 as an Analyst. Having attended the NSAC conference, feeling overwhelmed with inspiration, Mads felt compelled to join the NSAC team to support the mission of the NSAC community.

“I believe that NSAC embodies a spirit of a common goal, to inspire, influence and encourage the next generation of academics and leaders to reach beyond countries borders in the pursuit of education.”

Anders (Zakta)(NO_BG).png

Anders Al-Zakta

Organiser, University relations


Zakta is currently taking a gap year from studies to pursue an international work experience as an associate at Private Equity Insight in Lisbon. He expects to continue his education at Copenhagen Business School, where he wants to study towards a bachelor’s degree in International Business with semesters abroad. Zakta’s interest in studying and working abroad is not only about the educational opportunities, but also about his interest in foreign cultures and living ways.

“When I went to my first NSAC conference, I experienced a group of young students giving other, younger students the inspiration and tools to make their dreams become a reality. Not only did I leave the conference full of hope for my future, but it was also a mission I was eager to join and contribute to.”




The Community Team is the glue that holds NSAC together. Throughout the year, the Team is responsible for expanding our tight-knit community which includes organising NSAC Workshops and NSAC Exclusive events.


Mai Pedersen

organiser, community


Mai is currently in her second gap year. After having traveled Central America with a folk high school, and volunteering full time for Operation Dagsværk, she will be starting her studies in the UK in the fall. Mai always knew she wanted to study abroad, and after having attended the conference in both 2017 and 2018, she found NSAC to be the right way to inform and inspire other students about the possibilities of studying abroad as well.

“The support and information you are able to achieve through the conference and multiple yearly workshops is exactly the type of support I believe is necessary for preparing yourself to not only a somewhat confusing application process but also a completely unique university experience.”

Kenneth Kjær Jensen(NO BG).png

Kenneth Kjær Jensen

Organiser, community


Kenneth is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Aarhus University. Besides studying, he is working with automating of trading strategies in the European electricity markets at Danske Commodities. Having attended summer school abroad and volunteering in a small village on Fiji Islands, he recognizes the importance and value of getting exposure to individuals with a different way of approaching the world. Through joining NSAC, Kenneth hopes to ease the way for Scandinavians to study abroad.


Maja Larsen

organiser, community


Maja is studying for a Master’s degree in Mathematics at The University of Copenhagen. After attending the NSAC Conference back in 2014, she went abroad to study at The University of Manchester for three years obtaining a B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics. Upon returning to Denmark in 2018, she decided to join the team so that she can utilize her firsthand experience studying abroad to help like-minded students who wish to go abroad.



Corporate Relations

The Corporate Team builds and maintains relationships with corporate partners. They work closely with Community to conceptualise and organise NSAC Exclusive events and ensure that venues are found for all NSAC events.

Nicklas Hansen.png

Nicklas Hansen

Director, Corporate Relations


Nicklas is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Business at Copenhagen Business School, currently on his fourth semester. On the side of his studies, he works as a student assistant at GfK.
Nicklas has previously lived abroad in Italy, Poland and the United States. He will return to the United States in the fall, where he will spend a semester at the University of Pennsylvania.  

“Nicklas is extremely passionate about studying abroad and joined NSAC to help encourage other ambitious students to take the leap and pursue their dreams.”



Mathias Knudsen

Organiser, Corporate Relations


Mathias is currently on his 2nd year, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. Next to his studies, he works as a Marketing Associate for Milestone Systems. Before moving to Copenhagen, he lived almost a year in London, gaining international work experience for a london-based private equity firm as Junior Analyst. That experience opened his eagerness for taking his master’s degree abroad.

“Universities highly recommend taking a semester abroad during your studies, but who recommends to take a full bachelor or master abroad? No one, not even your highschools. I believe this is here NSAC contributes, by stepping in and becoming a key speaker for these opportunities abroad, when no one else will.”

Lasse Voss(NO BG).png

Lasse Voss

Organiser, corporate relations


Lasse is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Medicine at Aarhus University and he is doing research in neuroscience concurrently. Lasse has previously won the overall prize at the national science contest Young Scientists and participated in several international science contests for high school students. Furthermore, he is currently applying for a Master’s degree in neuroscience at several top universities in the United Kingdom.

“I have learned a lot from participating in several NSAC events throughout the year, both learning about how to compete for scholarships and what it takes to write an exceptional motivational letter. Furthermore, I think it is extremely important to spread the word about the advantages of studying abroad"

Sarah Nipper(NO BG).png

Sarah Nipper

Organiser, corporate relations


In the summer of 2018, Sarah started her studies in the bachelor’s degree in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. Besides her studies, Sarah works as a Project Manager at IUM. What accelerated Sarah’s interest into studying abroad was when she last year worked as a Marketing Intern in Shanghai. Thus, she also wants to help other students get the best possible advantage to pursue their dreams of studying abroad. During her time in high school, Sarah was in the presidency of the Student Council of her school and member of the School Board, and from that, she experienced the endless possibilities of bringing together passionate volunteers.




The Fundraising Team is responsible for securing the funds required to inspire and help as many Nordics as possible to study abroad. Through grant applications and corporate partnerships, the team has been able to grow NSAC successfully the past few years.


Mads Bøgholm

Organiser, Fundraising


Mads is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. Before beginning his studies, Mads spent a year working at a law firm in London. Inspired by the students and the atmosphere at a number of British universities, he dreams of pursuing a part of his Masters abroad. He attended the NSAC Conference for the first time in 2017 and was amazed by the commitment and drive the organization showed. He became a part of NSAC to encourage and help other students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad.

Emil Munk(NO BG).png

Emil Munk

Organiser, fundraising


Emil is 19 years old and he is currently a high school student attending his senior year at Middelfart Gymnasium with a focus on social sciences. Emil has a broad span of interest diverging from innovation and startups to traveling and exploring foreign cultures. In relation to his interests, Emil is involved in both a local innovation community called Make-It and in the newly founded Danish version of Rotex.

He attended the conference in 2018 and was impressed with the quality and dedication of both team-members and participants: "It was a delight attending the NSAC conference and I was truly amazed by the ambitions and quality of both team members and participants!"




The Marketing Team is responsible for getting the word of NSAC out to as many people as possible. They ensure that social media platforms, newsletters, and the NSAC blog, are employed effectively to maximise our reach.


Maiken Vindmar

Director, Marketing


Maiken is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Project Management at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). At the age of 16, Maiken went on exchange to NY, U.S.A., and has been volunteering in the exchange organization since then. Here she discovered the importance of going abroad not just for personal and academic development, but also to learn a new culture, and with that, seeing things from multiple points of view. Through NSAC she hopes to make studying abroad more accessible for everyone who dreams of studying at foreign universities. Before attending university, Maiken went abroad for 8 months, on an almost worldwide trip, to discover new parts of the world by boat, bike, and public transportation.


Olivia Jacobsson

Organiser, Marketing


Olivia is currently a senior in high school, studying natural sciences at ProCivitas in Malmö. Last year she attended St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Texas as an ASSIST-scholar. Studying abroad has been on Olivia’s mind since she was young, and her exchange year only made her more determined to go to the U.S. for college. She is passionate about biology, and has spent many summers at different research camps; most recently at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm where she worked on a project on the activating mechanisms of Natural Killer cells. Other than that she loves teaching and frequently tutors and coaches younger kids in tennis. Olivia is also the president of her high school’s independent student body organisation, “Elevkåren af ProCivitas”. Through NSAC Olivia wants to inspire other Scandinavians to study abroad, and help them pursue their dreams.

”Studying abroad is incredible. There is no way to describe the cultural experience, intriguing encounters and personal growth that you get from studying in another country. You simply have to try it. And NSAC gives you the perfect platform for doing just that.”

Patricia Nørgaard-Madsen(NO_BG).png

Patricia Nørgaard-Madsen

Organiser, Marketing


Patricia is 21 years old and currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Ecological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. Before beginning her studies, Patricia spent two years working at the Danish science center Experimentarium as part of their marketing team as well as working as an exhibition guide and doing science shows. She also spent these years traveling through South America and Indonesia where she, in addition to exploring, did different environmental projects including tree plantings in Cochasquí, Ecuador.

“NSAC found me when I most needed it. I was ready for university and ambitious about my studies, but I needed tools and advice which NSAC provided for me. Ever since engaging with NSAC I have wanted to contribute to inspire and motivate other students to seek abroad for their studies. I believe that meeting and collaborating with other cultures is key to both global understanding of our world and personal success”

Flavia Buzguta(NO BG).png

Flavia Buzguta

Organiser, Marketing


Flavia is currently studying the International Baccalaureate at Struer Statsgymnasium, majoring in Business & Management, History and English. Her passion for an international education led her moving from Romania to Denmark at fifteen years old. She works part-time as a Community Manager and is the Admission Ambassador for SSG. She volunteered for “Save the Children Romania” and participated in an international student exchange in Shanghai & Beijing, China. Flavia’s motivation for top education inspired her to attend the NSAC Conference 2018. She joined the team in order to encourage other students to invest in themselves by pursuing a top education.

“NSAC is a truly unique organization - it not only inspires you to follow your dreams but also equips you with the necessary the tools and knowledge to pursue a top international education. NSAC empowers the leaders of tomorrow and enhances the feeling of a global citizen.”

Yasmin El Youssef(NO_BG).png

Yasmin El Youssef

Organiser, marketing


Yasmin is currently a junior student at Teknisk Gymnasium LF (HTX) attending the bioscience study programme. Her passion for mathematics and desire to spread this interest led to the creation of her video lecturing business, Matematik-Fabrikken. She has won multiple competitions in math and science, and later she appeared as a front figure in the national photo exhibition UDE PÅ NOGET. Besides her academic achievements, Yasmin has completed seven half marathons, where one of them was dedicated to spreading awareness on a disease named ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

“My aspiration is someday to feel the joy of receiving an acceptance letter from the University of my dreams. However, if I don’t get to experience this, I will be proud of having inspired somebody else to pursue the same goal.”




The Motivation Team is responsible for finding motivational speakers for our Conference, and participating in planning outreach to high schools in Scandinavia. Motivation also runs the NSAC ambassadors’ program, helping us reach Nordic students directly.


Filip Silic

Director, motivation


Filip is 21 years old and currently attending Copenhagen Business School (CBS) on his fourth semester, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Business. Before beginning his studies, he spent his gap year studying and working in San Francisco. Besides CBS, he spends his professional time working as a student assistant in Infomedia. He was previously a student assistant in Egon Zehnder. In his spare time, he is training for a marathon.


Anna Langfred

Organiser, Motivation


Anna is 21 years old, and she is currently studying Psychology at the University of Copenhagen, whereafter she would like to pursue her dream of taking her masters abroad. She has helped kids at the Danish Asylum Center Avenstrup, taken care of elderly people at a retirement home, and been the organizer of Operation Dagsværk at Roskilde Katedralskole. Having attended the conference in 2017, she found a passion for helping other students to study abroad, and therefore she became a member of the Motivation Team in 2018.


Emily Frick

Organiser, Motivation


Emily is currently a high school student attending her second year at ProCivitas Helsingborg, where she’s studying social sciences. Specifically history is a real passion for Emily and a subject that she’s always found exceptionally interesting. She also has a profound interest in law which she’s also considering working with, since she hasn’t quite decided yet what to study in the future as she goes abroad. In school she’s involved with the brand new initiative of ProCivitas Helsingborg called ESD ProCivitas where she, a chosen teacher and 6 other students work towards making ProCivitas a more sustainable teaching environment. She’s also involved in the schools PCCAC (ProCivitas College Application Committee), where she inspires younger students to study abroad

Kvitka Perehinets(NO BG).png

Kvitka Perehinets

Organiser, Motivation


Kvitka, 18, is currently in her last year of the International Baccalaureate program at Copenhagen International School with a focus on History, Economics, and English Language & Literature. President of a Global Issues Network club and founder of TED-Ed at her school, Kvitka believes that today’s youth has the power to change the world and where it’s headed with the power of discussion. She hopes to pursue a major in history and politics and continue to work within a field concerning global issues and human rights. After having attended the NSAC conference in 2018, Kvitka felt compelled to join the NSAC team to help educate her peers on study abroad opportunities and provide them with all tools necessary for a successful application.

“NSAC’s mission of making students more aware of their options with regards to their studies is one of grave importance, for it ensures that potential and talent are not wasted. It is an organization that reminds students that their dreams can, indeed, be turned into reality.”



Admissions & Communications

The Admissions and Communications Team handles all stages of the admission journey for the NSAC Conference to make sure that the most ambitious and curious students are invited to participate each year. In this endeavour, the Team also works directly with high schools across the Nordics.


Anders Ørnsvig



Anders, 18, is currently studying at his second year of high school in Horsens with a focus on natural science. His interest in natural science combined with a profound eagerness to realize ideas often results in Anders spending several hours in his workshop building everything from basket hoops to furniture.

After he attended the NSAC conferences in 2017, he got hocked on idea of studying abroad and he is now pursuing a future studying perhaps mechanical engineering in the US.

“Attending the NSAC conference, for me, was definitely an eye-opener. I realized attending a university abroad was actually achievable, something that I had not been aware of before.”

Kristoffer Skjærbæk.png

Kristoffer Skjærbæk



"Kristoffer is 19 years old and is currently studying at his third year of high school in Skanderborg with a focus on international business. After he finishes high school, he has planned to work in Germany for a whole year, which is the first step towards fulfilling his dreams of studying abroad. After he attended the NSAC conference in 2018, he realized how many great opportunities he actually has for studying abroad. Currently, he is dreaming about pursuing higher education, perhaps Business Administration in the UK.

“Attending the NSAC conference, for me, was definitely an eye-opener. I have always thought that studying abroad was something that wasn’t achievable for me, but the NSAC conference made me realize, how many great opportunities I actually have for studying abroad.”

Emily De Connick(NO BG).png

Emily De Connick



Emily is 16 years old and studying her first year at ProCivitas in Stockholm. There she is studying civic sciences and specializing in behavioral sciences. Emily has always been interested in psychology and philosophy, why people act the way they do and think the way they do. After high school, she hopes to study abroad at an Ivy League university.

”I have always had a dream of studying abroad and studying at a well-respected university. I think that, like me, a lot of students have dreams of studying abroad but don’t know how to achieve this and so they let the dream go. This is why I think NSAC is so important because it gives students a chance to exchange experiences and to make dreams come true.”

Clara Glavind-Teute(NO BG).png

Clara Glavind-Teute



Clara is 18 years old and currently attending her third and last year of high school at Aarhus Business College with a focus on economics and innovation. After joining other ambitious and curious young people for the NSAC conference for the first time in 2017, she has been determined to pursue her dream of studying abroad. The inspiring conference made her realize that it is indeed possible to go abroad to study and made her want to give others that same experience. After attending the NSAC conference twice and being an ambassador for a year, she decided to join the NSAC team to help and encourage others to follow their dreams of studying abroad.

image (1).png

Oliver Overgaard Mortensen



Oliver, 17 years old, is currently studying at ZBC - HTX - Vordingborg, where his main subjects are within the natural sciences, specifically Chemistry and Mathematics. He first found the NSAC community though ATU (Academy for talented youth) and shortly after attended the 2018 Conference. He was inspired and motivated by the NSAC team, and later joined the team itself. Oliver hopes that, with the help of NSAC, he’ll be able to achieve his dream of studying abroad.



Projects & Operations

Projects & Operations is responsible for optimising the NSAC experience both internally and for our members. The Team’s primary focus is launching new projects aimed at providing membership benefits to our NSAC community. Internally, the team ensures that our IT portfolio runs smoothly.


Ryan O’Reilly

Director, Projects & Operations


Ryan is 21 years old and currently studying International Business at Copenhagen Business School on his second semester. When he’s not studying, he works as a finance assistant in an O&G company and as a digital marketing assistant at a hotel. He’s also interested in technology, having worked as a software developer and co-founded a tech start-up.

“I’ve attended the conference twice, and it’s such an inspiring event—and has fuelled my aim to study a master’s degree abroad. The conference doesn’t merely inspire, however, it also gives you the tools you need to take the leap and pursue a degree beyond your country’s borders.”

Cedric Haas(NO BG).png

Cedric Julius Haas

ORGANISER, Projects & Operations


Cedric is currently working towards his Bachelor of Science in Economics at the University of Copenhagen. Following his studies at the United World College in Italy, Cedric has been passionate about inspiring fellow students to pursue education abroad. He believes that personal growth lies greatly in stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and overcoming challenges along the way. For him, studying abroad offers this, and much more, and he deeply believes that everyone should pursue at least part of their education overseas.

Victoria Sosnovtseva(NO BG).png

Victoria Sosnovtseva

Organiser, Project & Operations


My name is Victoria, and I joined the NSAC team as part of the project and operations team where I will be helping to manage the NSAC IT infrastructure. Currently, I am doing an MSc in Physics at the University of Copenhagen, with a focus on quantum devices for quantum computing. I have always had an interest in technology and how it will shape our future, and my exchange to Berkeley during the last year of my bachelors helped me become more immersed in the tech world of silicon valley. In my free time, I like to be active, and I enjoy dancing, running outside and weight training.

Benedicte Hejgaard(NO_BG).png

Benedicte Hejgaard

Organiser, Project & Operations


Benedicte is currently on exchange at Dartmouth College in the USA while pursuing her Bachelor in Quantitative Biology and Disease Modelling at The Technical University of Denmark. She currently works within Business Analytics and has previously worked for various non-profit exchange organizations. After studying abroad for one year in the US at the age of 15, her passion for intercultural exchange was sparked. Knowing how important it is to step out of your comfort zone, she is hoping to help other Nordic students unlock their full potential by making studying abroad more manageable.

Jeppe Klitgaard(NO BG).png

Jeppe Klitgaard

Organiser, Project & Operations


Jeppe is currently employed in a fixed temporary position as a substitute teacher for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Midtjylland. After having attended three NSAC’s he is due to head off to University of Cambridge in October 2019 to study a BA Natural Sciences at Hughes Hall College. During his high schools years, he gathered organizational experiences from his time on the Academy of Talented Youth’s Advisory Board and as part of the national executive for a political youth party. His spare time is these days spent tinkering with electronics and programming.

Lasse Alsbirk(NO BG).png

Lasse Alsbirk

Organiser, Project & Operations


Lasse is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Data Science at the IT University of Copenhagen. Having worked for three years in a start-up company followed by his current job in public sector healthcare IT, Lasse has a deep interest in asking and understanding the pressing questions concerning modern technologies.

Tech being global in nature, Lasse believes that answering such questions requires a solid technical understanding as well as a diverse set of inputs; something that studying abroad truly allows for.

“Attending the NSAC 2017 conference literally changed my life. Experiencing the remarkable academic drive and passion for learning amongst speakers and participants alike, I decided to change my study programme. If I can help just one person have a similar experience, my contribution to NSAC has been a success”

Mathilde Aarestrup(NO_BG).png

Mathilde Aarestrup

Organiser, Project & Operations


Mathilde, 20, is currently studying towards a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Management and Computer Science at Universitá Bocconi in Milan. Attending the conference in 2015 was a contributing factor for her decision to study abroad so she decided to join the NSAC team in order to contribute to inspire and encourage other students to explore the endless opportunities of pursuing academic careers outside the borders of Scandinavia. Besides to her studies, she is working as a student assistant for an Italian tech company which was originally founded in Copenhagen.



Brand & Strategy Committee

The Brand & Strategy Committee is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the NSAC brand and ensuring that marketing and branding is consistent across all channels. This includes creating marketing material, analysing the performance of marketing efforts, and providing counsel to the wider organisation on effective brand and marketing strategy.


Erik Nordegren

Director, Brand & Strategy Committee


Erik is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in History, Politics & Economics at University College London (UCL). He graduated from the Swedish Gymnasium in the summer of 2017, having studied a Social/Natural Sciences hybrid programme in Sweden. After having had several engagements during the last few years, such as practising Operatic Singing, Erik has now moved on to focus fully on his studies and being part of a consultancy committee at UCL. He is constantly looking for new ways to engage and contribute in meaningful ways.

Through NSAC, he hopes to help people discover how international top universities are reachable for anyone who sets her mind to it.

"Every day I see so many fellow students, ambitious and bright, misdirecting their potential and competence by not being informed on their options. NSAC is an organisation not only realising these students' potential for their own personal development and for the benefit of society, but also realising the dreams students dared not ever dream themselves."



The Board of Directors

The Board of the Nordic Study Abroad Community is appointed at the annual general meeting in January and is responsible for ensuring that the organisation acts in accordance to its bylaws. 


Katharine Bendt


Katharine holds a BSc in International Business as well as a MSc in Applied Economics and Finance and CEMS Master from Copenhagen Business School and works as an Associate Consultant with Bain & Company. Katharine has previously been President of NSAC and worked at J. P. Morgan as well as Microsoft.


Peter Høj


Peter is doing a Masters degree in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. Beyond his involvements at CBS and NSAC, he works at Abacus Medicine and volunteers at LGBT+ Youth Denmark.

Christian Uhlig.png

Christian Uhlig


Christian holds a Bachelor of Law and is currently studying a Master of Law (LL.M.) at the University of Copenhagen and a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School. Christian works as Student Intern with Kromann Reumert and has previously been President of NSAC as well as a Student Intern with Plesner.

Isabella Dohrup.png

Isabella Dohrup

Board Member

Isabella holds a BSc in Service Management as well as a MSc in Brand and Communication Management and CEMS Master from Copenhagen Business School and works with Marketing & Communication at SEB Pension. Isabella was President of NSAC in 2016.

Emil Bender.png

Emil Bender Lassen


Emil is a BSc Politics, Philosophy and Economics student at King’s and NUS. He is the President of Danish Students Abroad, working on political representation and advice on education abroad, and is also engaged in the global non-profit Project Access, who helps low-income students into top universities. He has completed internships at McKinsey & Co., Nova Founders Capital and at BlockTech’s NYC office. Emil is a former Director of Speaker Relations at NSAC.


Theodor Lundberg

Board Member

Theodor holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Copenhagen and a Masters in Nanotechnology at the University of Cambridge, where he is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Quantum Computing. Theodor has been recognised with numerous awards for his academic and entrepreneurial achievements and has previously worked with The Boston Consulting Group and as a researcher in top academic labs at Harvard and UC Berkeley.


Tilde Holm

Board Member

Tilde is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in History, Politics & Economics at UCL. Apart from her endeavours within NSAC, she is engaged in organisations related to women’s rights and gender equality. She has worked with different non-profit organisations in New York, Copenhagen and Indonesia, and was recently featured in The Power of YOUth as a young leader. Tilde believes that a good education can take you far, and that education abroad takes you even further.

“NSAC has really been an eye-opener, and is continuously exposing me for several international opportunities. I really believe in the work that we are doing, and want to give to others what NSAC has given me.”

Christian Wessels.png

Christian Wessels

Board Member

Christian currently doing a gap year after high school working as a waiter at a gourmet restaurant. He has been an exchange student twice, both in Australia and the United States. On a daily basis, he is involved with technology and innovation, which lead him to win the Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2016. He is deeply passionate about philosophy and its implications on economics and is never shy for a lively debate on the topic.