NSAC Conference

The NSAC Conference is an annual all-day event held in September in Copenhagen. We look forward to welcoming you to NSAC Conference 2017. Details about the event will be posted continuously here and on our Facebook page as we approach the event. If you are curious, you can get a flavour of what the conference will be like by checking out previous conferences.

The Set-up

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The day begins with registration followed by a networking-breakfast, after which the conference is commenced by a welcoming speech by our president and vice president as well as our preferred partner, PwC. The conference consists of various elements, each uniquely designed to make for a well-balanced, exciting and informational experience for our participants. First and foremost are the university presentations, where representatives from the world’s finest educational institutions address the two driving questions behind NSAC Conference: Why should you study abroad? How do you study abroad?

Furthermore, the conference includes unique panel discussions that make for a dynamic addition to the programme. Between these presentations and panels, motivational speakers share their personal stories e.g. on how they funded their world-class education or how studying abroad changed and formed their lives. Throughout the conference there will be networking sessions which provide the participating students with the unique opportunity to interact directly with the speakers as well as hand-picked student experts, and ask any question they may have.

Date and Venue


Nordic Study Abroad Conference 2017 will take place on Saturday September 23rd at the Danish premises of our primary sponsor, PricewaterhouseCoopers.



Attending Universities

Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to be updated as soon as we announce more universities that will attend NSAC Conference 2017. Below are the announced universities, click on their logo to read about them.

Motivational Speakers

Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to be updated as soon as we announce more speakers for the NSAC Conference 2017. Below are the announced speakers, click on their picture to read about them.


Students must apply to join NSAC Conference 2017 via our online application system. Upon admission, students are requested to pay a total of DKK 175 to attend the conference. This fee covers the entire day of valuable information and networking and includes two meals. Members of NSAC will receive a DKK 25 discount. Read more about the NSAC Membership and join here.

Speakers are not requested to register. All speakers - university representatives as well as professionals - attend our conference for free and are invited for dinner after the conference.


  • The 1st round of application for the conference is open from June 1st to July 1st
  • The 2nd round of application for the conference is open from August 1st to September 1st

You only have to apply in either the 1st or 2nd round.

PwC's Talent Scholarship


As a participant of the NSAC Conference you have the unique opportunity to apply for the PwC Talent Scholarship of 10.000 DKK. In order to apply, you simply need to succinctly describe how your studies and future career would benefit from your proposed studies abroad. The scholarship will be given to a motivated student with a track record proving both ambition and aspiration, and will be announced at the NSAC Conference on September 23rd.

We are happy to have this close partnership with PwC and we highly encourage you to apply!

The Buddy Program

One of our goals at NSAC is to make the conference as accessible as possible for Nordic students to attend. Due to the fact that many of our participating students live far from Copenhagen, e.g. Jutland, Sweden, or Norway, and therefore have a longer to travel, we have established the Buddy Program. This program provides those of our participating students who live in the Copenhagen area, the Hosting Buddy, an opportunity to lend a couch or a room free of charge to a participating student travelling from far away or overseas, the Guesting Buddy. If you are interested in signing up for this program as a Hosting or Guesting Buddy please indicate this in your application. We do our best to accommodate everyone, however, please note that there is no guarantees when signing up for the Buddy Program, as its success depends on the number of participating students signing up for the program. We aim to inform you whether your application to the Buddy Program has been successful approximately 1-2 weeks before the conference.