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Who Are We?

Nordic Study Abroad Community (NSAC) is a non-profit international student community and organiser of the annual NSAC Conference, which aims to bring together and help ambitious Nordic students to study abroad. Our organisation consists entirely of students - a group of tremendously hardworking and driven volunteers, whose motivation sparks from their own ambition to study at the best universities in the world as well as from their desire of making a difference for other ambitious Nordic students.

NSAC is politically neutral and all our revenues are strictly reserved for NSAC purposes. This also means that none of the students working on the NSAC Team receive any remuneration. Nevertheless, we all gladly commit to the NSAC mission of helping and inspiring fellow Nordic students to pursue education at the best universities abroad, as we are confident this will foster talented Nordic millennials, who are international and diverse citizens of a globalised world.

The NSAC Conference is unique in my experience: a multi-national conference for students, run by students, which answers real needs and real questions. It’s also a great way for universities to connect with highly motivated, highly intelligent young people who might otherwise ‘slip through the net’
The NSAC Conference is, foremost, a celebration of dreams. The organisation and execution of the conference is impeccable. The organising team are professionals.
— Samantha Fossey, Recruitment Manager at the University of Melbourne
It’s been a pleasure working with you, NSAC. At PwC we highly value mobility and diversity and I can only encourage you to go study abroad and learn different cultures and countries. It’s so important for you to do that.
— Christian Fredensborg, Partner in PwC

The Community

The Nordic Study Abroad Community is an all-year student network that connects students to one another at all times. NSAC unites motivated and talented Nordics students at our primary events, NSAC Conference and NSAC Workshop, in Denmark as well as social events across the world for Nordics students studying abroad. We organise these events partly in order share information on various application processes, funding opportunities and study abroad options, but more importantly to foster a sense of community between Nordic students that, no matter geographical location, either aspire to or currently are pursuing world-class education abroad. Become a member of the Nordic Study Abroad Community now!

Every year in September we host the NSAC Conference which unites 250 of the best Nordic students with top universities and international, high-achieving professionals and leaders. This platform, which covers everything from traditional presentations to breakout sessions and panel discussions, provides students the exquisite opportunity to interact directly with the best institutions in the world, to gather the information and inspiration they need to pursue world-class education. In all, this day inspires young Nordic students to indulge in the single most important investment there is - themselves! Read more about our annual conference here.

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