Our Story

The Founders of NSAC

The Nordic Study Abroad Conference was founded in 2011 by Co-Founders Jonas Thomsen Sekyere and Nicholas Bendt. The idea originates from the personal stories of these two young men, as they shared the dream of studying abroad at a top university, yet had both experienced a lack of inspiration and information on world-class education from their surroundings. Upon research, Jonas and Nicholas discovered that they were not the only ones to feel that way. Nordic students are significantly underrepresented among top schools abroad, and many students today have either never considered studying at a top university abroad, or dismissed it because they lacked support, understanding, inspiration, or information.

In light of this, Jonas and Nicholas developed the idea of a Nordic Study Abroad Conference – a unique platform that facilitates connectivity between Nordic students and top universities, where undergraduate and graduate students can approach the university of their dreams directly, and gather the necessary information to succeed. Furthermore, students are provided the rewarding opportunity of meeting like-minded students with whom they can share their stories and dreams of studying abroad.

What is NSAC now?

A lot of things have happened since NSAC was founded, although the original main goal of the organisation has stayed intact. In the last couple of years, the organisation has grown from being just a conference into an all-year-round community for ambitious Nordic students with dreams that stretches beyond the Scandinavian borders. With the NSAC Conference, Workshops and Exclusive Events our ambition is to satisfy most needs and inquiries related to studies abroad that students may have. While the NSAC Conference covers a wide range of topics for the curious student, the Workshops and Exclusive Events dig deeper into more specific questions students may get further into the process of applications or studying. Naturally, a lot of hard work and ambition is required for these events to take place. Behind NSAC is a team of 30 volunteers that combine their studies with the non-proft work that originates from the mission to make studies abroad available to ambitious Nordic students.

From Conference to Community

In 2017, NSAC underwent significant structural changes to further improve and develop the impact of the organisation. Led by Peter Høj and Theodor Lundberg, NSAC went from being a one-day conference to an established and registered organisation with emphasis on continous engagement and community. With bylaws, members and monthly events we will be able to optimise our work when continuing our mission to unite the Nordic region and create a network of ambitious individuals with a passion for studies abroad. Our primary events will still be The NSAC Conference and the NSAC Workshops, although these practical changes will allow us to expand our vision and grow. As our community grows, so will the events and opportunities we offer Nordic students abroad or looking to go abroad. One of the new features of NSAC is the NSAC Exclusive Event. These exclusive workshops are reserved for those that are members of the Community. Everyone can apply to become a member by filling out a form online. Through these changes NSAC continues to be non-profit and politically neutral, carrying the same ambition as our founders had back in 2011; to bring useful information about studies abroad a little closer to home.

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