The NSAC Conference 2019 is an amazing opportunity for all students with dreams and ambitions of going abroad. But in order to get the absolute most out of the conference, there are some preparations you as a participant can do before and on the 21st of September.

Research the Universities
As we approach the date of the conference, we will gradually announce the universities attending this year’s conference. This will take place on our social media – both Facebook and Instagram. Stay updated, and when announced, make sure to do a bit of research on each of the universities attending. Hours of searching will not be necessary at all. The goal of the research should be to get familiar with the universities, so you, even before the conference, know which universities might be relevant for you and your studies. The target of the process is preventing to waste both energy and time on universities, which might not offer courses relevant to your studies. It should, however, be said that one of the greatest offers at the conference is the chance to get knowledge and get fascinated by universities, which at first might not seem relevant to you.

Prepare Specific Questions
When the research process is done, then the process of question generating kicks off. At the conference, you will as a participant get the unique opportunity to speak personally with representatives from the attending universities. Make sure not to waist this – be prepared! Make a list of questions aimed specifically at the universities relevant for you. This list should consist of questions the university website cannot answer adequately, and the questions can advantageously take a starting point in your own situation.

Prepare for a long intensive day
The NSAC Conference is a one-day event from morning to evening. It is a day packed with information and impressions. Although all presentations, motivational speaks, and workshops are fascinating and inspirational in their own way, nearly all participants will at some point at the conference feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and impressions. This is perfectly natural, but you can optimize your chances of being able to concentrate, even at the last of many presentations, by arriving well-rested. Even though you might feel tempted to skip a meal in order to talk more with the uni-reps, it is also important to both eat and drink all day long. Do not worry, you will have plenty of time to eat food both for your thought and stomach.

Look around and socialize
While the attending universities might be the thing you signed up for, remember to network with the other participants. At the conference, you will be surrounded with 250 likeminded young people. You all share dreams and ambitions of going abroad, and you might even share more. Every year when we receive feedback from the participants, almost all say that networking with fellow participants has been amazing. The conference is not only a place of information and inspiration, but also a place where friendships are made.

Lastly, I will personally like to congratulate all of the applicants, who got accepted in the first round of application, and also encourage all, who might be interested in attending this year’s conference, to submit their application between the 1st of August and 1st of September in the second application round.

Written by Anders Ørnsvig