Values matter

What is the reason for all of your actions? All of your dreams and desires? I personally try to live my life based on my core values. My most important values are to strive to do my best with the resources that are available to me. This includes being kind, loving and helpful to all people whom I have met. Another value that forms my life is to continuously have an exploring attitude. I seek to priorities my time every day according to these values.


I believe that most people find beneficial to look inwards and to consider what their values are. What it is that you really want with your life and what you want to be remembered by. Are your daily actions based on goals or on values? Is it something that can be achieved in the future? Or by actions, that you can do every day? From my experience living my values every day makes me happier throughout life, rather than living by my goals. Because living by goals mostly makes you happy in the short moment of achieving the goal. When one goal is achieved it is replaced by a new one. This takes a lot of efforts and energy and your happiness only last for a moment. I have given this a lot of thought.


I find that weighing all my options and comparing them with my values, leads to the best decision. And what I really want to do, is to help others realize that there might be more options then they might have thought. If you are like me and you want to seek new knowledge, explore the world and seek adventures then maybe going abroad is what might fulfill those values for you. And it is possible to go abroad, especially nowadays where there is a lot of help to find.


How I have pursued my values so far

Personally, I have strived to pursue my values through my daily actions, my volunteer work, my job, and my education. Among other things, studying psychology broadens my perspective on humans’ desires and wishes and how to help achieve those. Through my education, I wish to make a difference for others because it is a big part of what makes me happy. The field of psychology is vast and interesting, and there will never be an end to my learning curve. There is a lot of room for advancing. It provided a perfect foundation for what I want to do with my life.

Being a part of NSAC

By being a part of NSAC, I have the opportunity of making it more transparent that we all have more resources and options then we initially imagine. We really do have a chance at doing our best and seeking the most ideal education that fits our hopes and values, so that we can be true to ourselves. The NSAC community provides the opportunity to help others, and make it easier for them to let themselves dream, broaden their horizon and make sound decisions based on what they really want.


The desire to travel and live abroad

For myself, I want to go on exchange, travel and try living in other countries because of the big
differences in the way the people think and express their culture. I find it interesting how different cultures influence the personality, the different feelings experienced and the way to live and seek happiness. The fact that we express and experience honor differently in different countries is a greater awe to me, and I would like to be integrated into different cultures to hopefully achieve a better understanding of this. I also want to live abroad to expand my horizon and knowledge as much as possible. And to seek the best environment for learning.
My advice for you is to find your values, and figure out where you’ll have the best opportunity of living by those values. Is there a specific education that you would enjoy working with and delve into, then I advise you to investigate and thereby you can make the right decision for you.