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The NSAC Team

The NSAC Team consists of 8 sub-teams, each having their own area of focus and unique tasks. For an NSAC Team member this means that there is no typical NSAC task - they are all quite different. As a new NSAC Team member, your position the first year will be as an Organiser in one of the eight sub-teams. We open for applications to the NSAC Team once a year in December.


The Presidents & Directors

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The Board of Directors

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Theodor Lundberg



Theodor holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Copenhagen and is currently pursuing a Masters in Nanotechnology at the University of Cambridge. Participating in the NSAC Conference 2014 was eye-opening for Theodor and inspired him to push for an international education. Since then, Theodor has worked at Harvard University as a Visiting Research Fellow, studied half a year at LMU in Munich and a year at UC Berkeley. Eager to share his experiences and inspire fellow Nordic students as he himself was, Theodor has remained dedicated to do so through NSAC.


Tilde Holm

Vice President


Tilde is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in History, Politics & Economics at UCL. Apart from her endeavours within NSAC, she is engaged in organisations related to women’s rights and gender equality. She has worked with different non-profit organisations in New York, Copenhagen and Indonesia, and was recently featured in The Power of YOUth as a young leader. Tilde believes that a good education can take you far, and that education abroad takes you even further.

“NSAC has really been an eye-opener, and is continuously exposing me for several international opportunities. I really believe in the work that we are doing, and want to give to others what NSAC has given me.”

Christian Wessels.png

Christian Wessels

Vice President


Christian is currently doing a gap year working as a waiter at a gourmet restaurant. He has been an exchange student twice, both in Australia and the United States which has spurred his interest in the international community. During his one-year exchange in Melbourne he attended Mentone Grammar and got multiple honoré awards for service, respect and endeavour. On a daily basis, he is involved with technology and innovation, which lead him to win the Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2016 together with Mads on the IT team and Jakob on the University team. Their product is a smart disinfection device to be used by hospital staff.
Christian is deeply passionate about philosophy and its implications on economics and is never shy for a lively debate on the topic.



University Relations

The University Team makes sure that we have top-tier universities present at the NSAC Conference year after year. Without the presence of elite universities, our conference would not be a reality. Therefore, this team works with contacting relevant universities for the upcoming conference, and sustaining relationships with the university representatives, making sure that the conference maintains its high standard.


Jakob Fleng Sørensen

Director, University Relations


Jakob is currently studying to become an MD at the University of Copenhagen. Seeking his dream of more involvement with innovation and biotechnology in his high school years he went as an exchange student to Californias Silicon Valley. This exchange experience broadened his global perspective and increased a will to innovate. This path also led him to win Danish Entrepreneurship Awards 2016, with a smart disinfection device to be used by hospital staff. This award was won together with Christian and Mads, who are also on the team. Today Jakob is eager to pursue his dream of studying parts of his medical degree abroad, and help people with the same dream.




The Community Team is responsible for our NSAC Workshops and Exclusive events. This team helps developing our workshop concepts, finding relevant speakers, and handling the participants for the events. Community is also one of our newest and fastest growing teams and makes sure that our members have a way of staying engaged with NSAC throughout the year.


Frederik Thomsen

Director, Community


Frederik, 20, is currently in his first year at Copenhagen Business School, studying towards a degree in International Business and Politics. He has previously been involved in Student Talks, a global student organisation spreading the ideas of succesful students through different TED like events. Having been on a short exchange in High School, his thirst for studying abroad has far from been satiated. After attending NSAC 2016, he joined the team to help others satiate their thirsts for studies abroad.

“Going abroad to study is something that requires more information than can possibly be crammed into one day. And that is where NSAC beats any other study abroad conference I know of. Not because the NSAC Conference runs over multiple days, but because the community and workshops provide in depth information directly relevant to studying abroad.”



Corporate Relations

The Corporate Team is responsible for expanding and improving NSAC’s relationship with companies. This could both include finding suitable venues for our workshops, developing and maintaining partnerships, or even securing more NSAC Exclusive events. 


Kristian Nørgaard Modvig

Director, Corporate Relations


Kristian is 21 years old and currently attending Copenhagen Business School (CBS) on his fourth semester, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Business. Before beginning his studies, he spent his gap year travelling in South America and the United States. Besides CBS, he spends his professional time working as a student finance assistant, as teacher, as well as working as a volunteer mentor for the Business Elite line at Niels Brock High School.

“The 2016 conference was an inspiring event, which led to my decision to pursue the idea of taking my master’s in the UK. NSAC is an amazing opportunity that shows you what you can achieve, and it helps you take the leap. It also brings some of the brightest young minds together for mutual inspiration. Being a part of the organizing team behind the 2017 conference was a fantastic experience.”




NSAC is a non-profit voluntary organisation. We rely solely on the work of our team and the low participation fees for our events. With increased funds, our organisation can grow faster and become even better than we’ve been before. Last year, we received 125 000 DKK in grants to continue and improve our work. The main job of the Fundraising Team is to apply for grants and make sure that NSAC has the necessary means to continue to deliver the best study abroad conference and workshops in the Nordic region. 


Andreas Elkjær

Director, Fundraising


Andreas currently studies Politicial Science at Copenhagen University, whereafter he would like to study a master abroad. Prior to KU, he studied a semester in California. Furthermore, studying abroad and being exposed to different cultures made him convinced that he wishes to explore the world further, both professionally and academically. Studying abroad was an eye-opener for Andreas - a message he wishes to convey to other students.



Public Relations

The main goal of Public Relations is to sustain the relationship between NSAC and the public. The main tasks are sending out monthly newsletters, updating the website, its visual layout and content, and managing the contact with external media.


Amalie Nøddeskou

Director, Public Relations



Amalie, 20, is currently taking a gap year after graduating from Svendborg Gymnasium. She spends her gap year working as an ‘SPS teacher’ at a Combined Youth Education Programme (KUU) in Svendborg and Faaborg. Furthermore, Amalie has founded Studiehjæ, a start-up offering students private tuition and tutoring which she spends a great amount of time working with and improving. Having attended the conference in both 2015 and 2016, she became a part of the team in 2017 in hopes of passing on her experience of the conference to others. 

In October 2018, Amalie will begin her studies in English Language and Literature at University of Oxford.





Motivation and inspiration are the very core values of NSAC. The Motivation Team's work therefore includes finding suitable motivational speakers for the conference, and participating in planning outreach to high schools in Scandinavia, among other exciting things in order to help us keeping on inspiring Nordic students at our conference every year.


Jacob Hjortlund

Director, motivation


Jacob is currently in his first year at the University of Copenhagen, studying towards a Bsc in Astrophysics at the University of Copenhagen. He has previously been involved in the Danish Youth Association of Science, where he has helped arrange and lecture at several physics-focused summer camps. Jacob has spent about half of his life abroad, attending several different international schools that instilled a dream of studying abroad in him. He participated in the NSAC Conference in 2016, after which he chose to join the team, and has worked hard to spread the NSAC message since.

“I believe that physics, and pretty much any other field, will become more globalized in the coming years. I think one of the best things you can do to prepare for that is to study abroad, and the NSAC Conference is the best stepping stone towards this goal. It helped me to figure out what options where available to me, while putting me in contact with other really motivated people.”


Olivia Jacobsson

Organiser, Motivation


Olivia is currently a senior in high school, studying natural sciences at ProCivitas in Malmö. Last year she attended St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Texas as an ASSIST-scholar. Studying abroad has been on Olivia’s mind since she was young, and her exchange year only made her more determined to go to the U.S. for college. She is passionate about biology, and has spent many summers at different research camps; most recently at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm where she worked on a project on the activating mechanisms of Natural Killer cells. Other than that she loves teaching and frequently tutors and coaches younger kids in tennis. Olivia is also the president of her high school’s independent student body organisation, “Elevkåren af ProCivitas”. Through NSAC Olivia wants to inspire other Scandinavians to study abroad, and help them pursue their dreams.

”Studying abroad is incredible. There is no way to describe the cultural experience, intriguing encounters and personal growth that you get from studying in another country. You simply have to try it. And NSAC gives you the perfect platform for doing just that.”



Social Media

Social Media is responsible for all outreach through our social media channels. This includes updating our Facebook page and Instagram account regularly, as well as creating Facebook events for the conference and workshops.


Natasha Peters

Director, Social Media


Natasha, 20 years old, is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree at Queen Mary University of London in Politics with Business Management, after having lived and studied in Morocco, Denmark, Belgium and Singapore. She has just returned from her semester abroad, where she spent 6 months at the University of Hong Kong to further her studies in the Asian context.

Through joining NSAC, Natasha has been eager to share the joy of studying abroad and help other ambitious Scandinavian students to pursue their dreams.

“To me, NSAC is something truly unique - it does not only fuel your curiosity to study abroad, it gives you the tools to remove any barriers you once saw when thinking about your future abroad”


Casey Meng

Organiser, Social Media


Casey, 20 years old, is currently studying International Business at Copenhagen business school after taking a gap year, where she worked fulltime as a sales ambassador in Copenhagen Airport. In 2014 she attended NSAC, which was both an eye-opening event and a huge motivating factor for her. She channeled this inspiration through her everyday work and has since then participated in the Academy for Talented Youth and volunteered for Danish Students Abroad while maintaining two jobs on the side. Furthermore, she received the PwC Scholarship in 2016 to help her pursue a master’s degree at London School of Economics.

“I believe NSAC is all about satisfying your curiosity and being open to new opportunities. As humans it is normal for us to be insecure about the future. However, NSAC provides all the right tools for young people to experiment, meet new contacts and discover the path they wish to take.”



Admissions & Communications

Our A&C Team handles the admission process of the conference in order to make sure that it is filled up with ambitious Nordic students every year. The main tasks include preparing and improving admissions, reaching out to high schools and student organisations, and reading applications. The team is also responsible for the buddy programme.


Erik Nordegren



Erik is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in History, Politics & Economics at University College London (UCL). He graduated from the Swedish Gymnasium in the summer of 2017, having studied a Social/Natural Sciences hybrid programme in Sweden. After having had several engagements during the last few years, such as practising Operatic Singing, Erik has now moved on to focus fully on his studies and being part of a consultancy committee at UCL. He is constantly looking for new ways to engage and contribute in meaningful ways.
Through NSAC, he hopes to help people discover how international top universities are reachable for anyone who sets her mind to it.

"Every day I see so many fellow students, ambitious and bright, misdirecting their potential and competence by not being informed on their options. NSAC is an organisation not only realising these students' potential for their own personal development and for the benefit of society, but also realising the dreams students dared not ever dream themselves."



IT & Design

The IT & Design Team makes sure that our website and databases are running smoothly, easy to navigate and looking great. Furthermore, this team improves the design of our merchandise, logos and online presence. 

Mads Brøgger.png

Mads Schovsbo Brøgger

Director, IT & design


Mads, 20 years old, is currently working at PwC and this summer he will start his computer science studies. Mads has been an exchange student in California twice and this incredible experience has broadened his horizon and sparked his dream of an international career. On a daily basis he is involved with technology and innovation, which lead him to win the Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2016 together with Christian and Jakob who are also on the team. Their product is a smart disinfection device to be used by hospital staff.

"Attending NSAC Conference 2015 was an amazing experience and it made me realise that studying at a top university is not completely out of reach as I had previously thought."


Wilhelm Michaelsen



Wilhelm is a 19 years old high school student from Helsingborg, Sweden. He’s currently finishing his final year at ProCivitas Gymnasium and will pursue a computer science degree after graduation in either the UK or Sweden. After attending the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey last year he got a taste for international education and wishes to pursue a career abroad. When not in school Wilhelm works part time as an iOS developer.

“I attended the NSAC conference last year and it was truly an inspirational day. Being able to talk directly to admissions officers and fellow students who study at top universities abroad makes admission feel much more realistic“



The Board of Directors

The Board of the Nordic Study Abroad Community is appointed at the annual general meeting in January and is responsible for ensuring that the organisation acts in accordance to its bylaws. 

Mads Brøgger.png

Theodor Lundberg


Theodor holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Copenhagen and is currently pursuing a Masters in Nanotechnology at the University of Cambridge. Theodor holds numerous awards for his academic and entrepreneurial achievements and has previously worked with The Boston Consulting Group and as a researcher in top academic labs at Harvard and UC Berkeley.


Peter Høj


Peter is studying his final semester of his bachelor degree in International Business at Copenhagen Business School and works as a Business Development Consultant with Abacus Medicine. Peter is also a board member of LGBT+ Youth Denmark and a Project Manager at Doing Business In.

Christian Uhlig.png

Christian Uhlig


Christian holds a Bachelor of Law and is currently studying a Master of Law (LL.M.) at the University of Copenhagen and a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School. Christian works as Student Intern with Kromann Reumert and has previously been President of NSAC as well as a Student Intern with Plesner.


Katharine Bendt


Katharine holds a BSc in International Business as well as a MSc in Applied Economics and Finance and CEMS Master from Copenhagen Business School and works as an Associate Consultant with Bain & Company. Katharine has previously been President of NSAC and worked at J. P. Morgan as well as Microsoft.


Maria Simone Fønsskov


Maria is currently studying a Bachelor of Business, Asian Language and Culture at Copenhagen Business School and is a Student Assistant with Momento Education as well as a Flight Attendant with Scandinavian Airlines. Maria has previously worked as a Market Researcher and Business Analyst at Vendigo.