NSAC Ambassador

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If you are currently attending high school and want to help spread the NSAC message to your fellow students, then becoming an NSAC Ambassador might just be the right thing for you! The NSAC Ambassador Program is a newly started program that expands the NSAC Team to include students at several high schools around Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


As an NSAC Ambassador, you will be responsible for creating awareness about NSAC and study abroad opportunities at your high school. To do this, we will expect you to do the following:

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  • Distribute posters about NSAC and our events around your local high-schools
  • Promote NSAC via presentations and videos at morning gatherings
  • Arrange, and speak at, local NSAC events
  • Share NSAC related images on social media
  • Find new ways to create awareness of NSAC and about studying abroad

The NSAC Team will at all times be available to help you complete these responsibilites. We will provide promotional material, slides for presentations, and general advice regarding planning events.


Being an NSAC Ambassador does not go unrewarded, and as such you will have the following benefits by becoming an Ambassador:

  • Free NSAC membership for a year, including all its benefits
  • Invitations to the NSAC Team’s social events
  • A strong foundation for applying to the NSAC Team
  • A motivated and ambitious network of like minded students

How to become an Ambassador

We are currently closed for new ambassadors. Send us an email at motivation@nordic-sac.org, if you are very interested in the program.