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We at NSAC would like nothing more than for you to join us and become a part of our vibrant, rapidly expanding and inclusive events and community of talented and ambitious Nordic students. Check out the many ways you can become involved below.

Become a Member of NSAC

There are many ways for you to become involved with the Nordic Study Abroad Community, and the best way for you to get started is by becoming an NSAC Member. As a member of NSAC you will be able to take advantage of several benefits, including:

  • Reduced registration fee and wait list preference for NSAC Conference

  • Free participation and wait list preference to all NSAC Workshops

  • Access to exclusive member-only events

  • A vote at the annual general meeting in January, ensuring that you have your say in how NSAC is run

Any student from the Nordics with an interest in studying abroad can join NSAC and a membership is only a 50 DKK one-time payment. Read more about the launch of the community in the NSAC Press Release 23-4-2017.

Attend the NSAC Conference

Every year in September we host the NSAC Conference which unites 250 of the best Nordic students with top universities and international, high-achieving professionals and leaders. This platform, which covers everything from traditional presentations to breakout sessions and panel discussions, provides students the exquisite opportunity to interact directly with the best institutions in the world, to gather the information and inspiration they need to pursue world-class education. In all, this day inspires young Nordic students to indulge in the single most important investment there is - themselves! Click here to read more.


Participate in an NSAC Workshop

All too often Nordic students fail to go abroad not because of lack of talent or ambition, but because they don't have the necessary insight into the complicated application processes for foreign universities or for financial aid. At NSAC we are determined to make sure that you can go exactly as far as your motivation drives you without being hindered by application technicalities. For that reason, we established NSAC Workshop with the aim of giving students the specific knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their applications. Click here to read more.


Become an NSAC Ambassador

If you are currently attending high school and want to help spread the NSAC message to your fellow students, then becoming an NSAC Ambassador might just be the right thing for you!

As an NSAC Ambassador, your main tasks will include promoting NSAC events by spreading posters, speaking about the organisation at morning gatherings, and by arranging smaller events at your local high school. Being an NSAC Ambassador is a great opportunity for you to develop your public speaking and event planning skills, and is the perfect stepping stone if you wish to join the NSAC Team.  Click here to read more. 


Apply to Join the NSAC Team

If you have participated at one of our events and loved it so much that you want to ensure that other students like you get the same experience, or if you just deeply believe in and want to promote the values of NSAC, the NSAC Team is the right place for you. Being on the NSAC Team, not only allows you to directly shape NSAC events, but gives you the opportunity to develop valuable skills and long-lasting friendships.

One of the characterising traits of the NSAC Team, is the internal culture among the 25-30 volunteering team members. Despite the diversity, the team functions as a tightly-knit group where the members grow alongside each other. In addition to working on organising and improving NSAC events, the team enjoys gathering at retreats, meeting for dinners, and other social events varying from escape games and bar nights to weekend trips to Tallinn and London.

We open for applications to join the NSAC Team for 2019 in December 2018. 

Before applying, you can read about our different teams, or check out current team members.


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