NSAC Conference

The Set-up

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The day begins with registration followed by a networking-breakfast, after which the conference is commenced by a welcoming speech by our president and vice president as well as our preferred partner, PwC. The conference consists of various elements, each uniquely designed to make for a well-balanced, exciting and informational experience for our participants. First and foremost are the university presentations, where representatives from the world’s finest educational institutions address the two driving questions behind NSAC Conference: Why should you study abroad? How do you study abroad?

Furthermore, the conference includes unique panel discussions that make for a dynamic addition to the programme. Between these presentations and panels, motivational speakers share their personal stories e.g. on how they funded their world-class education or how studying abroad changed and formed their lives. Throughout the conference there will be networking sessions which provide the participating students with the unique opportunity to interact directly with the speakers as well as hand-picked student experts, and ask any question they may have.

The NSAC Conference 2017 featured universities such as Oxford, Yale, St. Andrews, Hong Kong University, Cambridge and many more. Learn more about the attending universities of 2017 here.

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